Color Palette

What do the different color formats mean? An explanation of RGB, CMYK, Hexadecimal, and PMS colors.


RGB Colors

RGB colors should be used for html emails, powerpoints and multimedia. RGB is for online applications only.

CMYK Colors

CMYK colors should be used for professional (offset) 4-color printing or for a desktop color printer.

Hexadecimal Colors

Hex colors should be used for websites and situations where html code colors are needed.

PMS Spot Colors

PMS colors are used for imprint printing (mugs, hats, t-shirts). Since PMS colors may not be available at every imprint printer, they can be used as a “color guide”. For example: A vendor may only have an option of 2 or 3 blue colors, so the PMS color will guide them to the closest match for the blue(s) they have in stock. Another option for imprint colors is to use what is called a “special match” color. This is where the print shop will mix a color to match a provided swatch, much like mixing a can of paint.